Government has announced road map on trade mark re-filing and filing

On November 29 the Myanmar Government has announced the roadmap on trademark re-filing and filing before, during and after the soft opening period.

below is a summary of some of the points that the Government has announced:

- The soft opening period of 6 months for refiling marks is likely to start in early 2020 and not in December 2019. In our previous articles we have repeatedly warned clients and trademark owners on misleading and confusing announcements made by multiple law firms around the world that the soft opening will start on December 5 or December 20, 2019.

- There will be two trainings organized by WIPO in Myanmar on December 3, 2019 and December 19, 2019 for Myanmar based law firms to learn how to use the online platform that will allow to refile marks during the sunrise period.

-The deadline to record marks with the Registry of Deeds and Assurance or RDA (recordal system) will be announced shortly by the Government. No new applications will be able to be filed with the RDA once the sunrise period is started.

-The IP Office is likely to open in the middle of 2020, as we announced in our earlier posts.

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